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The 2024 Dane County budget has been approved

We rounded up a few fast facts about the 2024 Dane County budget that was recently approved by the County Board.


Check out what’s on the horizon for Dane County. | Photo by Giulia Paris

The 2024 Dane County budget was officially approved by the County Board this week. The budget looks slightly different than what was initially proposed by County Executive Joe Parisi in October, so we’re summing up some key changes in less than 150 words.

Parisi’s proposed operating budget: $787 million
County Board’s approved operating budget: $789 million

Parisi’s proposed capital budget: $149 million
County Board’s approved capital budget: $179 million


  • An additional $100,000 in funding for youth center programming
  • $10 million increase to the Affordable Housing Development fund
  • $7/hour raise for staff at Journey Mental Health
  • $5.5 million toward the renovation of the county’s parking ramp near the Capitol Square

To finalize the budget, Parisi will now sign off on the County Board’s amendments before retiring from his position as Dane County’s executive come May.