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Ryan Waldman

Ryan Waldman

City Editor, 608today

Ryan is based in Madison, WI and has been writing + producing freelance content since graduating from The Media School at Indiana University. In his free time, you might see him riding all over town on his bicycle, and asking you where the best place to grab a bite is.

We’ve covered quite a lot in our time, here’s what this last year looked like.
It’s harder than we thought, but we’re up for the challenge.
Don’t be scared, there’s still time to make a fang-tastic night on the town.
We took to the internet + found what many locals believe are the must-try local brews.
Let’s roll out the knead-to-know info + rise to the occasion for a good breakfast.
It’s as good for nosy neighbors as it is for real estate investors.
If only they knew about what’s going on at the South Blair intersection.
Put on those walking shoes, 608 — we’re getting outside this fall.
We’re exploring the best way to find a spot (or ditch the car) for a night on the town.
From picnics and playgrounds to sledding and skiing, there’s no shortage of recreation here.
Cap off a trip to one of the above brunch spots with a cup of joe.
Good news for Madison.
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