Best beers to try in WI, according to Reddit

We took to the internet + found what many locals believe are the must-try local brews.

 608today Youngbloods tap wall

What’s your preferred way to drink — a bottle, can, or glass?

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Wisconsin is home to 200+ breweriessurely, you already knew this. The Isthmus has over a dozen on its own — if you count brew houses, too.

While you happen to be extremely well informed, because you read 608today, not all residents + visitors in Madison are. Reddit user u/tatcol22 posed a question to the r/Madison subreddit regarding the best beers to try in Wisconsin and we want to know what you think of the discussion.

Redditors followed with their input:

  • “I grew up in New Glarus and live there still. I drink moon man religiously.” -u/Ivymae88
  • “I’ve come to the conclusion that Spotted cow is the perfect neutral beer.” -u/SwagTwoButton
  • “Working Draft has excellent pales and IPAs if you’re in the Madison area. Youngblood has really good juicy IPAs.” -u/Walterodim79

Does Reddit know its stuff? Let us know — we trust our readership does.

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