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Asked: What are Madison’s best parking hacks + pro tips?

We’re exploring the best way to find a spot (or ditch the car) for a night on the town.

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We’re asking you, our favorite 608 experts, for the best kept parking practices around Madison.

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If the 608today team got a dollar for every time we’ve circled the block while looking for parking in Madison, we’d pay for more parking infrastructure ourselves.

Whether its a Badgers game day or just another Tuesday afternoon, parking in the 608 is no easy feat — so we’re turning to our favorite city sleuths + experts for help, you. We want to know: What are the best tips + tricks for parking around Madison? Let us know and we’ll share our findings in an upcoming newsletter.

Commuting in the meantime? Check out some of 608today’s most-used resources for getting around town.

🅿️ City of Madison parking utility
Use this hub on the City’s website to check for current available parking, compare lot rates + see what forms of payment are accepted. Plus, you can even learn about where and how to charge electric vehicles in the 608.

🚌 Metro Transit route builder
Want to ditch the car altogether? This summer, the City of Madison underwent a Metro Transit network redesign — an overhaul to public transportation offering more consistent service + better access around the city. This tool helps Madisonians plan public transit commutes + outlines any detours on your trip.

🚲 Madison B-Cycle guide
There is no shortage of roads, trails, paths + parking for two-wheeling in the city. Plan your commute using the Dane County Bicycle Map + the Low-Stress Bike Route Finder. Networks like the Capital City Trail and the SW Commuter Path offer protected, car-free travel connecting the many neighborhoods of Madison. Pro tip: You can always load your bike onto a Metro Bus if you need to.

Ready to share those parking tips + tricks? We’re all ears.

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