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Wisconsin’s biennial budget proposal

We’re breaking down WI’s new budget proposal in less than 150 words.

WI state capitol

This proposal is step one in WI’s Biennial Budget process.

Photo by 608today team

Governor Tony Evers proposed Wisconsin’s biennial budget last week. We’re breaking down some main points in less than 150 words.

Due to Wisconsin’s record-breaking $7.1 billion surplus, Gov. Evers believes we’re “in the best fiscal position we’ve ever been in our 175 years of statehood.” Here’s what he’s proposing for the next two years.

  • $2.6 billion towards education — primarily for special education and mental health
  • $1.2 billion tax cut — an annual $200 decrease for the average taxpayer
  • $750 million towards broadband access — more accessible high-speed internet by 2025
  • $305 million for UW System — $130 million less than the UW System requested
  • 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave — starting in 2025 for qualifying residents
  • Increase minimum wage — with a goal of $10.25 by 2026
  • Expand the clean energy workforce — $14 million towards job training + environmental efforts
  • New legal system jobs — 100 assistant DAs + public defenders total at $51/hour each
  • Road repair and transportation funding — including $50 million/year for ongoing road + bridge repairs