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How has the Vision Zero campaign impacted Madison?

By 2035, Madison officials hope to achieve zero deaths or serious injuries thanks to the Vision Zero campaign. We’re checking out what progress has been made and what the future looks like.

608 Vision Zero

Learn more about Vision Zero on the City’s website. | Photo by 608today

Madison’s Vision Zero campaign launched in 2020 with the goal of eliminating traffic fatalities and severe injuries on all roadways, bikeways, and sidewalks. We’re taking a look at what city officials have to say about the campaign’s progress thus far.

How does it work?

Crash data is analyzed to pinpoint areas with the most accidents and then make incremental changes to enhance safety such as:

  • Lower speed limits
  • Physical barriers between bike and vehicle lanes
  • More street lights
  • Extended curbs

Plans and progress

In its first year, the campaign saw a significant decline in crashes, dropping by 40% from 5,413 to 3,243, though the number of traffic deaths doubled from seven to 15. Today, crash numbers have plateaued at ~3,000.

To ensure urgency and accountability, the goal is to achieve zero fatalities or serious injuries by 2035. Then, progress will be reviewed and a new action plan will be put in place.

Mindful driving

Protecting bikers and pedestrians is a major goal of Vision Zero. Here’s how speed plays a role during vehicle/pedestrian accidents:

Speed | Stopping Distance | Chance of pedestrian fatality/serious injury

  • 20mph | 115 ft | 13%
  • 30mph | 200 ft | 40%
  • 40mph | 305 ft | 75%