Snakes found around Dane County

Timber_Rattlesnakeby 2ndPeter

Timber rattlesnake | Photo by 2ndPeter

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‘Ssssup, Madison. For all of our readers with ophidiophobia (the fear of snakes): now might be a good time to slither on down to other sections. Just a fair warning.

Snakes are cold-blooded, so it’s important to know about the ones you may encounter in your area as temperatures begin to drop + snakes look for a warm, safe shelter.

What to know about snakes in Wisconsin

Pro Tip: If you want to learn how to identify snakes + properly keep them off your property, the Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources offers some peace-of-mind answers and a few guidelines to keeping yourself and the snake safe.

Venomous Snakes around Dane County

Timber rattlesnake

Timber_Rattlesnakeby 2ndPeter

Timber rattlesnake | Photo by 2ndPeter

Eastern massasauga rattlesnake

eastern massasauga rattlesnake by USFWSmidwest

Eastern massasauga rattlesnake | Photo by USFWSmidwest

Non-venomous Snakes around Dane County

Prairie ringneck snake

Prairie Ringneck Snake by Peter Paplanus

Prairie ringneck snake | Photo by Peter Paplanus

Eastern Hognose Snake by 2nd Peter

Eastern hognose snake | Photo by 2ndPeter

Western fox snake

Western Fox Snake by Don Becker

Western fox snake | Photo by Don Becker


Bullsnake by Peter Paplanus

Bullsnake | Photo by Peter Paplanus

Smooth Green Snake

Smooth Green Snake by Flickr user atrahamrepol

Smooth green snake | Photo by Flickr user atrahamrepol

Eastern milk snake

Eastner Milk Snake by Will Brown

Eastern milk snake | Photo by Will Brown


gartersnake by Thamnophis

Gartersnake | Photo by Thamnophis

Brown snake

Brown Snake by John Sullivan

Brown snake | Photo by John Sullivan

Northern redbelly snake

Northern Redbelly Snake by DigbyDalton

Northern redbelly snake | Photo by DigbyDalton

Northern water snake

Northern Water Snake by USFWSmidwest

Northern water snake | Photo by USFWSmidwest

Black rat snake

Black Rat SNake by Jarek Tuszyński

Black rat snake | Photo by Jarek Tuszyński

Yellowbelly racer

Yellowbelly racer by Dawson

Yellowbelly racer | Photo by Dawson