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Madison’s 2023 Budget

Here’s what we’re spending next year.


As the sun sets on 2022, we’re taking a look at what 2023 holds. | Photo by Tammy Boersma

The City’s 2023 budget was recently passed by the Madison City Council with a capital budget of $376.5 million and an operating budget of $382.3 million. The capital budget will go towards investing in larger projects + programs, whereas the operating budget goes towards more day-to-day, ongoing expenses.

Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway released the following statement regarding both the operating and capital budget —

“In the capital budget, we made investments in affordable housing; infrastructure projects geared toward helping our City take action on climate change, and to build healthier neighborhoods.

In the operating budget, we invested in our youth, in public safety and violence prevention, and continue to build a strong, resilient and healthy Madison.

This budget puts our money where our values are, building a better Madison that will be strong and resilient for years to come. I thank the Common Council for unanimously adopting the budget.”

We rounded up a few of the major changes that we think you should know about the newly-passed budget.

  • $21.6 million to reconstruct John Nolen Drive
  • $5.25 million towards the Madison Public Market project
  • $94,902 (+$207,802 in grants) for six new police officers
  • $65,160 for a parks division volunteer coordinator
  • $23 million in federal funding towards a fully electric, 46-bus fleet
  • $2.3 million in anticipated grants for the police department

Head over to the City’s finance webpage to check out more budget details + let us know what you think about Madison’s spending plan for 2023.