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Election Day in Madison, WI

ballot being put in a ballot collection box

Polling places will be open until 8 p.m. this evening.

Photo by Wikimedia Commons

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It’s election day which means it’s your last chance to get out and vote. Nervous for the polls? Don’t sweat it, let’s go over some voting basics.

🗳️ What if I’m not registered yet?

You can register at the polls as long as you bring a valid ID and proof of residence. Check out this list of acceptable forms of proof of residence.

📍 Where do I vote?

Plug your address into this City of Madison online tool or use MyVote Wisconsin’s website to find the closest polling location to you.

🚗 What if I don’t have a ride?

The Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition has curated transportation resources for all voters without access to a ride today. Use the website to check out Dane County’s options or search for resources in other regions + counties.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to stop by any of Ian’s Pizza’s three locations for your free slice of mac + cheese pizza from 5-10 p.m. today during its Mac the Vote campaign. 🍕

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