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Class is back in session at UW-Madison

They’re baaack. Here are a few tips to help students and locals navigate UW-Madison back-to-school season on the isthmus.

Bascom Hall

UW–Madison is the official state university of Wisconsin. | Photo by 608today

UW-Madison’s fall semester commences today, and we have a few tips for both locals and students this fall semester.


Passing times | Traversing the isthmus is hard enough without the added obstacle of college pedestrians. If you’re committed to dodging the crowds, check out the standard class hours to get an idea of when most classes will be released on any given day.

Homecoming | Expect busy bars and restaurants, and general rowdiness on campus the week of Monday, Oct. 2 for the 175th UW-Madison homecoming celebration.


September course drop deadlines:

  • Wednesday, Sept. 13 | Drop a course without it showing up on your transcript as dropped
  • Friday, Sept. 15 | Drop a course and receive a full tuition adjustment
  • Friday, Sept. 29 | Drop a course and receive a 50% tuition adjustment

Any former Badgers out there? If you have a campus shortcut, secret study spot, or a few words of wisdom you wish you had when embarking on your college journey let us know.