Become a Guest Auditor at UW-Madison

Becoming a Guest Auditor is perfect for those whose goals are not tied to a degree and/or credit requirements.

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UW-Madison is adding its first-ever ASL course this coming fall. While this course and its waitlist are full, there is still an opportunity for non-students to get in on the educational action by becoming a Guest auditor.

Auditing is defined as observing a lecture course without actively participating. Courses that require active participation aren’t available to audit. Think: Performing arts, labs, conversational languages.

Become a Guest Auditor


Before anything else, review the requirements.


At least three weeks before the start of the term in which you hope to enroll, apply online — select “Guest Auditor/Guest Auditor/UGST.”


Contact the professor of the course of your interest to request permission before enrolling.

Pay up

Guest auditors are charged tuition based on residency status + amount of enrolled credits — roughly 30% of undergraduate tuition rates.

For more information, reach out to UW-Madison’s Adult Career and Special Student Services office.