Report a problem to the City of Madison

Make your voice heard and improve the city for everyone by reporting problems you come across in Madison.

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Help the city help you by reporting a problem. | Photo by 608today

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Notice a streetlight out in your neighborhood? Maybe your morning commute is being disrupted by potholes. Whatever the problem is — big or small — the City of Madison wants to know about it.

Bookmark this page to report problems to the appropriate department and keep the 608 great.



  • Lights | Keep your block safe by reporting any flickering/out street lights.
  • Signals | In the case of an outing, call Traffic Engineering at 608-266‑4767 from Monday–Friday 8 a.m.–4 p.m. Call 911 any other time.
  • Signs | For Stop/Yield sign issues, follow traffic signal protocol. Do not call 911 for any traffic signs besides Stop/Yield.

Bikeways | Propose your idea for a new bike path or bring attention to issues on existing paths.


Metro Transit | With the new redesign right around the corner, keep this in mind for any feedback.

At home

Exterior housing | Ping City officials if you come across a residence that you believe doesn’t adhere to the Property Enforcement Guide.


Mailbox damage | Use only if a City vehicle damages your mailbox.

Around town

Consumer complaint | File a complaint on a business when you believe pricing or quantity errors have occurred with a product/service that you paid for.

Graffiti | Call out any offensive vandalism.

Sidewalks | Running into obstacles on your nightly walk? Snap a pic and submit a report.

These are just a few of the City’s many problem report options, check out the full list.