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Madisonians are encouraged to take part in Low Mow May

Low Mow May is a great way to cut back on yard chores while helping out the environment.

Long grass in the foreground, a row of houses across the street in the background

Cut back on mowing this month, the bees will thank you. | Photo by 608today

No/Low Mow May is an environmental movement encouraging homeowners to refrain from mowing and fertilizing lawns during May. This allows pollinators to thrive during early spring when flowers aren’t always as abundantly available as they are during late spring and summer.

Due to its commitment to preserving native pollinators, the City of Madison has been a certified Bee City since 2017. This year, locals are encouraged only to mow their lawns twice this month, if at all.

Don’t worry, you won’t get in trouble. Typically during No/Low Mow May, the city’s tall grass ordinance — which requires lawns to be cut to 8 inches or less — is not enforced. Contact Public Information Officer Jaymes Langrehr with questions about No/Low Mow May or exceptions regarding the grass length ordinance.

Spread the word by printing off a few yard signs for you and your neighbors, the bees will thank you.