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Madison’s snow plows have become immortalized

The city of Madison has created collectible snow plow baseball cards.

A Madison snow plow baseball card in front of the snow plow.jpg

The city of Madison has created four fun snow plow baseball cards for you to collect. | Photo via City of Madison

Madisonians are creative.

Last year, the city of Madison asked the community to name its snow plows. Entries piled up like the snow being removed from our streets: Plowdy Doody, Pennyfarthing McChuckalot, Kung Plow Chicken.

Now, with the city winter-ready, there are new collectible snow plow machine baseball cards. They’re available for free at all Madison Public Library branches, the city’s street division offices, and at the Henry Vilas Zoo.

The four cards feature Dolly Plowton, Saltimus Prime, Seymour Pavement, and Snowbi Wan Kenobi.

  • Dolly Plowton is the only dual-wing plow in the fleet.
  • Saltimus Prime is used to apply saltwater brine to streets before a snowstorm hits.
  • Seymour Pavement is a loader with a plow blade and wing attachments.
  • Snowbi Wan Kenobi removes snow from bike paths and other areas.

The city, cognizant of how chlorine is harmful to our local waterways, is cutting salt use this year.