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Madison has a new area code, find out why.

Learn about why new area codes are being implemented in Wisconsin and what it means for Madisonians with 608 phone numbers.

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The 608 area code has been in place since 1955. | Photo by @egorchels

Wisconsin has six area codes — 262, 414, 608, 715, 534, and 920 — but now there are some new numbers joining the bunch.

Terms to know

  • Assignable prefixes: The three numbers following the area code in a phone number.
  • Area Code Exhaust: When there are no more unique assignable prefixes available to use for newly implemented phone numbers.
  • Overlay: A new area code will start being “folded in” in tandem with an existing one.

Area codes 274 and 353 are being implemented in Wisconsin thanks to Area Code Exhaust. While 274 correlates with the Door County and Fox River Valley area, 353 will overlay with 608.
The 608 area code has been in place since 1955 and is expected to run out of assignable prefixes in early 2024. This overlay doesn’t mean that 608 numbers will go away, it just means that a new area code will be added to support the demand for new phone numbers in the area.