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Here’s what to do with your decaying fall pumpkins

Find out how to dispose of old pumpkins that are turning from porch decor to unsightly decay.

Pumpkins on a porch

Until next year, pumpkins. | Photo by 608today

Now that Halloween is over, you might have a slightly soggy jack-o'-lantern sitting on your porch. According to Sustain Dane, roughly 100 tons of pumpkins are discarded during fall in Madison. We’ve rounded up a few ways you can get rid of yours responsibly.

Feeders | If the squirrels haven’t already started making a snack-o'-lantern of your jack-o’lantern, it’s only a matter of time. Expedite the process by cutting up your pumpkins and adding chunks to your squirrel/bird feeders.

Local gardens | Browse Madison-area community gardens to find one in your neighborhood that may be interested in adding your old pumpkins to their compost pile.

Kick ‘em to the curb | Check when your neighborhood’s next leaf collection date is, and toss your pumpkins in your leaf pile to be collected by the city.

Kick-start your composting journey by checking out some local composting opportunities: