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The best Madison, WI pranks told by residents


What if we painted the Capitol Badger red? | Photo by @vchanmd

What would Madison be like if the city announced they were going to drain the lakes? Or if a ban on cheese went into effect?

We asked you what the wildest citywide prank would be — and you did not disappoint. What would the 608 be like if they…

“Simultaneously closing all major roads for construction: all beltline exits/on-ramps, Verona Rd., E. Wash, John Nolen, Park St., University Ave., Mineral Point Rd., Midvale, Stoughton Rd., Fish Hatch, Old Sauk, Gammon.” - Mags C.

“Changing the UW mascot.” - Dominique K.

“The city announces they plan to increase the number of potholes on main roads.” - Christi B.

“City of Madison to open bicycle lane on the beltline.” Chris B.

“Reopening State St. to vehicle traffic.” - @ray.concepcion

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A new Badger mascot? | Photo by 608today team

“There are too many parties and distractions that have caused a decrease in the prestige of the University of Wisconsin. This was a deciding factor in Chancellor Blank’s decision to leave and accept the post of president at Northwestern. Henceforth, the flagship of the UW System will ban all alcoholic beverages on University grounds.” - @tonyrph480

“UW Madison students currently enrolled will have to retake all classes due to a software malfunction where we cannot get any files on students.” - @amanda_macy_prusak

“Extra beer tax.” - @happyhoursmadison

“Memorial Union Announces Terrace Chairs to be set up early!! Everyone shows up, no chairs.” - Erica K.

“Badger football moving to Verona.” - @sarat350

“The Badgers are leaving the State to play where players can get more endorsement money in LA.” - @mark.peterson.96343405

All we have to say is that we’re happy these are fake situations. Madison just wouldn’t be the same if we weren’t home to the Badgers.