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UW-Madison partners with national program to seek 1M volunteers to change health care

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You’ve always known you’re one-in-a-millionhere’s a chance to show how.

University of Wisconsin-Madison is partnering with the national All of Us Research Program to help speed up medical research by gathering one million volunteers to share information about their health, habits, and what it’s like where they live. By looking for patterns, researchers will learn more (faster) about what affects people’s health.

The aim of the nationwide effort is to help researchers take into account a person’s environment, lifestyle + genes to formulate treatments matched to the right person in the right place at the right time.

That’s where you come in, Madisonians. Here’s what the program is looking for in volunteers, as well as some FAQs about the study so you can confidently volunteer to help change the future of health care. (No big deal.)


As a volunteer, providing individualized information about your health, habits + where you live will help pave the way for medical breakthroughs. | Photo courtesy of All of Us Research Program

What will I be asked to do?

The first thing to know is that it’s up to you what and how much you share. Read: You have the option to choose what you do + don’t want to participate in. Beyond providing basic information during registration, things the program may ask of volunteers include:

  • Answering health surveys
  • Visiting a local clinic for physical measurements
  • Giving blood, urine, and/or saliva samples
  • Providing your electronic health records (valuable to researchers, but not required)

Are there benefits for participating?

Beyond helping change the world, there are a few other things you’ll receive, including:

  • DNA results
  • Genetic ancestry + traits
  • Risk assessment for hereditary diseases
  • Possible medication reactions
  • One-time $25 compensation if you take part in a clinic visit

Already feeling ready to participate? Volunteers can register online or keep reading for more key details, like who qualifies + what the requirements are.

Who can participate?

  • People of every race, ethnicity, sex, gender + sexual orientation
  • Adults 18 years or older
  • Current residents of the US

Any other need-to-knows?

  • There’s no cost to you to participate + no insurance requirements
  • Health status is not a factor — participants can be healthy or have long-term health issues
  • Your information is protected + your name and other direct identifiers are removed from your data
  • Advisors are available in English + Spanish (more languages coming)
  • While helpful, having a computer, smartphone, or tablet is not required
  • And to get any additional questions answered, here’s an FAQ

How do I sign up?

Simply register online. Congrats on being part of the change.*