2023 Spring Primary

What to know before February 21.

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Table of Contents

The 2023 Spring Primary Election is right around the corner. We’ve outlined some basic information and helpful resources to help you be prepared and informed.

This primary determines who will be on the Spring election ballot in April.
We’ll vote on:

  • Supreme Court Justice
  • Mayor
  • Alderperson for

    • District 2
    • District 3
    • District 4
    • District 9
    • District 10
    • District 12
    • District 14
    • District 20

Resources 🔎

Property Look-up | Find out which Aldermanic district you live in.

Sample ballots | Get a sneak peek at what your ballot will look like come Tuesday, Feb. 21.

Reach out | Contact Maggie McClain at the Clerk’s Office with any unanswered questions regarding the primary election at clerksocialmedia@cityofmadison.com.