Madison’s favorite holiday recipes

We fancy ourselves a hyper-local newsletter, and what better way to bring a community together than with food? We want to eat our way through the holiday season with all of you.

recipe cards

Connect with your community through festive food. | Graphic via Canva Pro

Did you know that peanut butter blossoms are Wisconsin’s most Google-searched holiday cookie? If you’re one of the many Wisconsinites searching for crowd-pleasing recipes this season, we’re here to help.

Last year, we conducted a recipe swap with the help of a few readers who sent in their favorite holiday recipes:

Do you have a New Year’s Eve party punch? A family-favorite dip? Your mom’s dessert that never disappoints? A go-to breakfast for a crowd?
Fill out this form, for a chance to spread holiday cheer with fellow Madisonians.

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