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Asked: What is the City of Madison missing?

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One thing we can’t really ask for is a better view of the state Capitol.

Photo by 608today team

We love the City of Madison, it’s kind of our thing.

Whether you’ve been here since the beginning or you just subscribed today (welcome, btw), you could probably sense our affinity for the city as we’re regularly answering questions like:

👤 Who is John Nolen anyway?
🏖️ What is going on with the Lake Monona Waterfront Design Challenge?
🍸 When is the best time to grab a drink in the 608?
❤️ Where can I help a neighbor + volunteer around town?
🥯 Why is it so hard to get a decent bagel here?
🧺 How to shop local at Madison co-ops

When we’re not busy debunking Madison’s greatest secrets + mapping out 608 business developments, we’re aggregating local news to make sure you’re in the know about important headlines. (Think: A UW faculty member named as a MacArthur Fellow, or Hilldale’s new Italian restaurant opening later this month.)

Even in light of all the good news we share, no city is perfect — though Madison has been ranked as one of the best places to live in the US for multiple years running.

Our question for you: What is the City of Madison missing?
Think big, or small works too — let us know.

  • Does the Beltline need more flex lanes? Or should WisDOT build a whole new freeway?
  • Is the 608 missing your favorite niche food + drink scene?
  • Could the Capitol property benefit from a dog park?
  • Should the City install an outdoor ice rink for Badgers hockey on Lake Mendota?

While we can’t promise immediate civic amendments based on all of our reader feedback, we can assure you we’ll be sharing our findings in a future newsletter.