Answered: Where Madisonians want pedestrian-friendly areas

We asked and you answered. Here’s what the city of Madison thinks about pedestrian-friendly areas around the 608.

608today pedestrian-friendly street

What would State Street or Willy Street look like with walkable districts?

Graphic provided by © GDCI, Global Street Design Guide

Last week, we talked about walkable infrastructure in Madison — specifically, shared + pedestrian-only streets.

While we broke down a few pedestrian-friendly spots that already exist in the 608 (like State Street + Willy Street), we turned to you all — the lovely Madisonians always seeking betterment in our city — to ask where you think pedstrian-only or shared streets should go. Here’s what you said.

You want more walkable zones, just about everywhere:

“Everywhere! Around the Capitol blocks other than State, Willy St, Atwood, even Johnson or E Wash. There are so many opportunities to make areas more walkable, livable, pedestrian-friendly, and attractive as we encourage people to expand beyond the isthmus.” — Elisabeth T.

Williamson St, Atwood Ave, E Wilson St.”Lexi O.

And some of you have the ideas to make it happen:

More pedestrian-friendly crossing on East Washington.(Need I say more?) And in Fitchburg, better crossing experiences on McKee Rd. It seems that the wider the street, the less friendly it is to foot traffic.”Nancy G.

“Atwood-Schenk. There is already the bike path running through it, and some restaurants use their parking lots for outdoor dining. But a whole street that has a permanent festival / outdoor eating vibe in the summer would be amazing.” — Mandy G.

With lots of input about State Street:

“State Street, could be similar to Boulder Colorado’s Pearl St.”Ann P.

“State St needs to be a pedestrian mall. Deliveries by 10AM and then street closed.”Leanne P.

“Lower State Street... make it pedestrian only. Let BRT stay on upper State...”Tom R.