Things that Madisonians find scary

image of Madison with spiderwebs and dark filter

We hope everyone has a scary good Halloween.

Graphic by 608today team

It’s Halloween, so we thought we’d round up a few things that are especially scary to Madisonians.

🚧 Construction | Living on an Isthmus, there are limited detour options available.

🧀 Dairy-free cheese substitutes | They say you can’t tell the difference, but we can always tell.

🚘 One-way streets | We should have them down by now but double + triple checking is routine to avoid getting caught backtracking around the square.

🍺 Imported beer | Why bother when the best of the best is brewed right here in Wisconsin?

🗣️ Goodbyes | A proper Midwest goodbye consists of an additional 30 minutes of conversation + maybe just grabbing another beer while we’re at it.

♻️ Plastic bags | Filling a tote bag of Farmers’ Market goodies is a 608 rite of passage. Check out Lilada Gee’s storefronts to grab a cute bag while supporting a local artist.

🌭 Hot dogs | Give us a brat, boiled in beer, and smothered in sauerkraut — or give us nothing. (The Wienermobile is an exception to this fear.)

Let us know what you would add to this list.

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