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Dry January is upon us. The campaign — started by Alcohol Change UK in 2013 — encourages individuals to voluntarily live sober during the month of January. Now, the opportunity to reset + debloat after a long season of imbibing is here, and it’s exhilarating.

With this, we look at a long-term practice for those wanting to uphold this mindful moderation movement.

What is “sober curious”?

As opposed to traditional sobriety — abstaining entirely from drinking — the sober curious movement celebrates + empowers individuals to choose, question, and change their drinking habits with a health-focused motivation.

Engaging with the sober curious movement opens the door for a slew of benefits, from better skin to improved concentration.

This much, you could have guessed. Being sober curious can have positive effects, but how practical is it?

Sober curious on the Isthmus

64.4% of adults in Wisconsin drink — we rank third in the nation. This can make engaging with the moderation movement scary, we admit, but it also makes it all the more rebellious + rewarding.

From bars and coffee shops to retailers and networking groups, there’s no shortage of support within the sober curious movement in Madison. Though not all of these spots have nonalcoholic options listed in online menus, all are sober friendly + make N/A products.


Mint Mark | 📍 1929 Winnebago St.

Graze | 📍1 South Pinckney St.

Everyday Kitchen | 📍 2801 Marshall Ct.

Everly | 📍2701 Monroe St.

Bar Coralini | 📍2004 Atwood Ave.


Riley’s Wines of the World | 📍402 W Gorham St.

Total Wines & More |📍 400 W Towne Mall

Steve’s | 📍3618 University Ave.

Entertainment venues:

Blind Shot Social Club | 📍177 South Fair Oaks Ave.

Crucible Performing Arts Venue | 📍3116 Commercial Ave.

Pro tip: Wisconsin-based KUL MOCKS makes craft mocktails that can be found all over Madison — Woodman’s Food Market (West), Hy-Vee (Washington Avenue & Whitney), Millpond Gas Station, Trixie’s Liquor Store.

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