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Think you could return this spike? Sign up for a league and back up that talk. | Photo by @mscrmadison

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Play ball, Madison. With registration for fall leagues starting up, nowโ€™s a good time to dust off that old sporting equipment, stretch out those social skills, and tee up a season with Madison School & Community Recreation.

Get to know your team

Better known as MSCR, the group has been organizing + promoting year-round recreation for almost 100 years in the 608. And while it does a lot for MMSD, it does just as much for the oldest children in Madison (the adults.) MSCR offers four adult sports leagues + hosts a series of other non-league sports and activities.

Two ways to play

Madisonians can opt to register with a team or choose to sign up as a free agent.

Know a group ready to hit the ground running? Register with family, friends, or coworkers to join a 10-week league playing weeknight matches at a recurring time.

For anyone looking to test the waters, free agency is a great way to stay active with less commitment to a team. Why does it matter if Iโ€™m committed? If your team doesnโ€™t have enough players to take the field (or court, or diamond) on any given night, they forfeit.

2022 fall leagues

For those looking to really get their head in the game.

Fall softball
๐ŸฅŽ Registration is open now through Fri., July 29.
๐ŸฅŽ The 10-week season starts the week of Sept. 12
๐ŸฅŽ Teams require 11 players to participate
๐ŸฅŽ Fees are $55 per player for MMSD residents

Fall volleyball
๐Ÿ Registration is open now through Fri., Aug. 12.
๐Ÿ The 5-week season starts on Tues., Sept. 6
๐Ÿ Teams require seven players to participate
๐Ÿ Fees are $30 per player for MMSD residents

2022 non-league sports

Get active + involved on your terms.
Follow the links below + filter through the MSCR schedule to find a mix of indoor, outdoor, team, and solo activities.

๐Ÿธ Badminton
๐Ÿ€ Basketball
๐Ÿ“ Pickleball

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