Madison winters can be WOOF on our pets’ health

Keep your pets safe and healthy this winter.

A dog out in the snow.JPG

City Editor Jonathan’s dog, Mrs. Buttersworth, isn’t so sure about the cold temperatures. | Photo by 608today

It’s cold. With winter upon us, we should keep in mind the health and safety of our pets.

Keep walks short.
Things to look out for on your walk: If your pet starts holding up one of its paws, go back inside. Salt and other chemicals to melt ice can irritate a pet’s paws.

Keep them bundled.
All breeds are susceptible to cold weather, so put them in sweaters, coats, and/or booties to keep them warm.

Keep their zoomies zooming.
Since they can’t go outside as much to burn energy, find ways to do so indoors.

There are some indoor play options for your dogs in Madison:

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