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Our readers turn back time to 1999

We asked, you answered. Here’s what our readers were up to during 1999 in Madison.

State Capitol with text block overlay "What was Madison like in 1999?"

Were you living in Madison in 1999? | Photo by 608today

Earlier this week, we rounded up a few notable Madison moments from 1999. We polled our readers, and 65% of respondents said they were living in Madison in 1999. Here’s what you were up to.

Memories were made:

“I was at the Elton John concert!” - 608today reader

“I had my firstborn.” - Gigi Z.

“I danced on stage to ‘Livin La Vida Loca’ at a Memorial Union dance party my freshman year of college ... haha.” - Crystal H.

608 memorial union

The Memorial Union Terrace stage is a summer hot spot. | Photo by 608today

Y2K was at the forefront of everyone’s mind

“I just remember everyone panicking about Y2K.” -Rebecca W.

“On December 31, there were 100s of us sitting on the shore of Lake Monona to photograph the Madison skyline to see if the lights would go out because of the computer glitch of turning to 2000….. they didn’t.” - 608today reader

“Everyone [was] nervous about the turn of the millennium.” -Nancy W.

“Y2k was a big scare. Would computers recognize 00?” - Alan K.

“Planning for Y2K.” -Tom W.

“The Y2K scare... Nothing happened.” -Dona M.

Local businesses were beloved:

“Mildred’s gazpacho, Radical Rye, Upstairs Downstairs on State Street.” - Laure Q.

“Roman Candle restaurant.” - Amanda S.

“Paisan’s, Sacred Feather, and people were still upset a Gap had opened on State Street.” - Crystal H.

608 Hubbard Avenue DIner

Hubbard Avenue Diner has been serving up their famous pies for decades. | Photo by Hubbard Avenue Diner

“Hubbard Avenue Diner opened in Middleton.” - 608today reader

“The ‘old’ Buck’s off the square and Cardinal Bar were fun places to go for drinks. My favorite coffee shop was Michelangelo’s, which is still going strong!” -Jean H.

“The Puzzlebox on State St.” - Elizabeth S.

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