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Utilize rainfall in Madison while being mindful of our lakes

April showers bring opportunities to protect and preserve Madison’s beloved lakes.

608 storm drain

Keep your eyes peeled for storm drain murals around Madison. | Photo by 608today

Earth Day is right around the corner, so what better time to look into ways to help protect and preserve Madison’s most iconic feature? That’s right, our lakes.

Ripple Effects is an educational outreach effort by the Madison Area Stormwater Partnership. Here are a couple of its local impact projects to keep on your radar.

Mural Project

This project entailed local students learning about stormwater pollution before designing the murals you may have seen on storm drains around town. The goal is to grab the attention of passersby, educating them about where the drains lead.

Rain barrels

Rainwater is devoid of common tap water additives, which is ideal for watering your lawns, potted plants, and gardens. Gradually draining water from these barrels into your yard will diminish contaminated runoff into local storm drains and subsequently, our lakes.

Fifty-gallon rain barrels usually cost around $150, but Ripple Effects sells them for $74. Additionally, residents of many Madison-area communities are eligible for a $30 reimbursement.

Reimbursement requirements:

  • Purchase a rain barrel through Ripple Effects in 2024
  • Install the barrel on a downspout within 60 days of purchasing
  • The barrel is installed is located within a MAMSWaP Community
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