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A: 🧠 Clean energy and clear brain
B: 🧠 Eliminate brain fog and mental barriers

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Need focus for an upcoming meeting or big event? Hello, Thesis.

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In a world where prescription meds seem to be the only option, Thesis is helping thousands of people improve cognitive functioning and eliminate distractions with natural adaptogens.

Thesis’s blends are formulated to help you achieve specific outcomes, like:

  • Clarity (entering flow state of mind)
  • Energy (powering through busy days)
  • Motivation (to stop procrastinating)
  • Logic (for deep, analytical thinking)

Take their quiz to find your personalized blends and get 15% off your order with code 6amcity.*

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Has your news feed (or TikTok) been robbing you of your productivity and focus? (Same.) Check out Thesis.

Within 30 minutes, Thesis can help increase cognitive function, all without the use of traditional medications. Thousands rely on Thesis every day for specific mental outcomes, like energy, clarity, motivation, creativity, confidence, and logic.

Intrigued? Try Thesis for a month and see what happens. In addition to 15% off, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.*

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