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Surviving a zombie apocalypse in Madison, WI

It probably won’t happen... but you never know.

608 UW ALPs course

Channel your inner Robin Hood with Little Jon’s Archery.

Any “The Last of Us” fans out there? If the HBO hit makes you painfully aware of how unprepared you are for a zombie apocalypse, this one’s for you.

Here are some local ways you can improve your zombie survival skills:

  • Archery is a great skill to have in an apocalyptic scenario so check out Little Jon’s in Marshall to get started.
  • For those up-close encounters, take boxing, Muay Thai classes at Twisted Fitness.
  • I’ve never seen a zombie climb a tree. Try a high ropes course through UW-Madison’s Adventure Learning Program to get a feel for what arboreal navigation could look like in the face of the undead.
  • You’ll inevitably get some boo-boos during the end of the world. Patch yourself up thanks to first aid lessons from the Red Cross.
  • Hungry? Check out Dane County Park’s foraging guide or join the Madison Mycological Society to know what you can and can’t eat.