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Become a pickleball pro, right here in Madison

Doesn’t it feel like everyone is playing pickleball nowadays? Find out more about the sport and how to get involved in the 608.

608 pickleball

Get your pickle on at Garner Park. | Photo by City of Madison

Did you know that Madison ranks fifth in the nation for number of pickleball courts per capita? We’re breaking down how and where to get in on the action.

Pickleball vs. tennis

While there are a few key differences between the two sports, if you know your way around a tennis court, odds are you’ll be able to grasp the art of pickleball.

Tennis — 78 ft x 36 ft
Pickleball — 44 ft x 20 ft

Tennis — Racket and heavier ball
Pickleball — Paddle and Wiffle-like ball

Tennis — Win six games to win the set, and two sets to win the overall match
Pickleball — Play to 11 with a two-point lead

Tennis — Fast-paced, longer games that require endurance
Pickleball — Shorter games requiring less movement and strength

For a more detailed rule breakdown, check out USA Pickleball’s summary sheet.

608 Capital Area Pickleball

The Capital Area Pickleball Association offers access to structured classes and tournaments.

Local courts

Turners | 3001 S. Stoughton Rd.
Beginners should reach out for a pickleball crash course before attending open play.

Princeton Club East | 1726 Eagan Rd.
Non-members can purchase a 10-visit pickleball punch card for $65.

Pickle Pro Courts | 2907 N. Sherman Ave.
Annual and monthly memberships are available.

Most public tennis courts are also marked for pickleball, but you’ll find Madison’s only court solely dedicated to pickleball at Garner Park — 333 S. Rosa Rd.

Find your pickle pack

Capital Area Pickleball Association | Stop by McGaw Park ( 5236 Lacy Rd., Fitchburg) Friday, Aug. 18-Sunday, Aug. 20 to catch this year’s CAPA Cup Pickleball Tournament. Become a member to participate next year.

Madison Pickleball Meetup Group | This local group caters to a variety of skill levels, sign up for an event that matches your pickle prowess.

Madison Area Pickleball | Join this Facebook group to connect with potential game partners, make general pickleball inquiries, and stay up to date on upcoming events.

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