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608, you’re a work of art 🎨
gallery of graffiti art
Mother Fool’s gives local artists a chance to strut their stuff. | Photos provided by Mother Fool’s
We all know that the 608 has a vibrant art scene — and we’re not just talking about The Chazen or MMoCA. One of our all-time favorite galleries? Madison itself.

The 608 is home to a number of meaningful murals and outdoor art pieces. Today, we’re sharing where to find art that really paints a picture of our city.

Mother Fool’s Graffiti Project, 1101 Williamson St. | By various artists

In 2001, Mother Fool’s + its customers approached Madison’s Plan Commission with an idea for a rotating mural wall. Local artist Don Wettach was a driving force in finding a place where he and other local graffiti artists could create freely. The murals change seasonally and serve as a showcase for Madison artists.

Flamingo Swirls,” 701 E. Johnson St. | Triangulador, Oh Ya Studio, Emily Balsley, and Ray Mawst

Did you know that the official bird of Madison is the pink lawn flamingo? This mural pays homage to the bird and can be seen from five blocks away thanks to its vibrant colors.

flamingo mural

Does anyone else refer to this as “the flamingo laundromat”?


Photo by 608today

Willy West Mural | 6825 University Ave., Middleton | Maria Schirmer Devitt

Maria Schirmer Devitt worked with Developing Artists, Murals, and Alliances (DAMA) to create this piece that highlights local and native plant + animal species. She wanted to tell the story of what it means to belong to a system in which we are mutually tending to one another. Additionally, community members got to get in on the action by helping decide on and paint the mural.

LOVE,” 924 Williamson St. | Michael Owen

This mural was originally done in 2014 when the building was still Plan B nightclub. Last year, the building owners called up the Baltimore-based artist for some touch-ups + tweaks while still maintaining the original design and concept of connection within the community.

Love mural

Newly retouched, the Wily Street “Love” mural is better than ever.


Photo by 608today

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    • Indigo Girls | Tuesday, Mar. 21 | 7:30 p.m. | Orpheum, 216 State St., Madison | $50-$180 | Check out the American folk rock music duo on their national tour.
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    • Trivia in the Forward Club, hosted by America’s Pub Quiz | Tuesday, Mar. 21, Tuesday, Mar. 28 | 6-10 p.m. | Breese Stevens Field, 917 E. Mifflin St., Madison | Free | Grab a group of friends and test your knowledge during trivia night.*
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    • Madison Handpan Meetup Group | Wednesday, Mar. 22 | 6:30-8:30 p.m. | Unity of Madison, 601 Thompkins Dr, Madison | Free | Participate or spectate at this music lovers meet up.

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    News Notes
    • 47º | Cloudy | 0% chance of rain
    • Doug La Follette, Wisconsin’s longest-serving secretary of state, retired from his post after nearly 45 years. Gov. Tony Evers appointed Sarah Godlewski, the state’s former treasurer, to fill the vacancy. (WPR)
    • The Salvation Army in Madison has received a $4 million grant to construct a new emergency homeless shelter on the 600 block of E. Washington Avenue. Thanks to the federal grant, the new shelter will be geared towards women and children. (NBC 15)
    • While the Marquette men’s + women’s teams are both out of the NCAA basketball tournament after this past weekend’s games, the Badger women’s hockey team secured their seventh national title after a shutout victory against Ohio State on Sunday.
    • Celebrate the Badger’s hockey win with the team. Head coach Mark Johnson will be joining the girls at the LaBahn Arena for the Welcome Home Event. Doors open at 5:30 p.m.
    • Midwest Mujeres will host a virtual Workforce Wellness Summit, “Let’s Speak Up,” on Sunday, March 26. The summit will feature workshops + wellness activities for women of color, aimed at providing a safe space to discuss mental health and self-care in the workplace. (Madison 365)
    • Smash those piggy banks. Collectors are on the hunt for 2004 Wisconsin state quarters with an extra leaf on a corn husk. The US Mint accidentally produced a limited number of these quarters that are selling for up to $6,000. (
    • Refinance rates are skyrocketing. But home equity rates remain relatively low — which means that now is a great time to borrow against your home. Calculate your payment.*
    🌱 Happy first day of Spring
    We’re ready for warmer temperatures and added daylight. | Photo via Pexels
    Today marks the spring equinox (aka the first day of Spring).

    Technically speaking, it’s the day that the sun crosses the Earth’s equator from the Southern Hemisphere into the Northern Hemisphere. The shift marks the astronomical start of spring and days will become “longer” because there will be more time between sunrise and sunset.

    Looking to celebrate the season? Head to our events page to see community events happening this week and beyond. If you’re up for spending some time outside, our parks guide will point you in the right direction — whether it’s for a lunchtime stroll or an evening run.

    If you’re in the mood for some spring cleaning, here are the essentials we recommend:

    🧽 Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

    💧 Microfiber cleaning cloths

    🧹 Duster kit

    🍓 Refrigerator organizer bins

    🧼 Spinning scrubber brush

    Bonus: Hire a cleaning professional to tidy up your humble abode.
    The Wrap
    Ally Geiger.jpg Today’s Edition By:
    From the Editor
    I don’t often stray too far from city limits, but this weekend I spent a delightful Sunday in Verona. I hit up the Sow’s Ear, Kismet Books, and took a pottery class at the Crimson Artist Collective. This was my first experience playing with clay, and I can confidently say I’ll be back for more. I think my pieces turned out slightly, let’s say avant-garde, but it was super fun nonetheless.
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