Plant-y of ways to celebrate

It’s a national affair, celebrate with a shopping spree to exercise your green thumb.

608today red square flowers indoor plant week

Stop by one of Red Square Flower’s two locations to celebrate the occasion

Photo by @smiesphotography

Happy National Indoor Plant Week , 608. 🪴

To celebrate, check out a few plant shops around town where you can continue or begin your journey as a proud, plant parent.

Red Square Flowers | 127 State St.
You won’t just stop at houseplants. From flower delivery + moss walls, to customized gift baskets, this place has it all. Stop by either of the two locations to find something ready to liven up your space.

Wildewood | 733 Hilldale Wy.
Trying to incorporate plants into your home while maintaining an aesthetic? Wildewood is the place to be. With unique plants + trendy decor, this nursery is great if you’re gift shopping for a plant-lover.

Klein’s | 3758 E. Washington Ave.
Voted Madison’s No. 1 garden store by Isthmus, Klein’s offers a diverse supply of plants accompanied by knowledgeable employees that make this a beginner-friendly place to start your houseplant journey.

Did we miss your favorite greenhouse? Let us know your suggestions + happy planting. 🌱

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