Mud Season on Madison trails

Be prepared to hit the trails safely.

picnic point

Picnic Point is a 608today favorite for a casual stroll with great views.

Photo by 608today

It’s mud season in Madtown. When the weather starts to warm and the snow starts to melt, our local trails become waterlogged and muddy.

This doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the nicer weather, it just means there are a few things to keep in mind when hiking during mud season:

  • Stay on the path | You may want to stray to the path’s edges to avoid the mud, but this will only further loosen the soil around the path.
  • Gear up | Since you’ll be trekking straight through the mud, waterproof shoes with good tread are important. Pro tip: check out Fontana Sports for gear.
  • Ticks | If we’re out, they’re out. Stay out of the brush and do a tick check when you get home.
  • Choose wisely | Try to stick to trails that are upland and/or have sandy soil. These areas will dry out quicker than low, less sandy areas.

Here are a few of our favorite trails:

Lace up, we’ll see you out there. 👟

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