Explore Madison music genres with Every Noise at Once

See how Spotify classifies the local music scene.

A record player.

Queue these up — we think you’ll feel right at home. | Photo by Adrian Korte via Unsplash

Every good story needs a soundtrack, and ours is no exception. We could just pick one — but you know we love a deep dive.

Every Noise at Once is Spotify’s algorithmically generated scatter plot of music genres, from “German dark minimal techno” to “neo-trad doom metal” to “classical saxophone quartet,” and literally everything in between.

Here’s where Every Noise sorts some of our favorite local artists, plus national acts from the same genre — perfect for a walk through the Arboretum.

Garbage | Permanent wave

Spotify recommends:

Rainer Maria | Midwest emo

Spotify recommends:

Seasaw | Wisconsin indie

Spotify recommends:

Brother Ali | Conscious hip hop

Spotify recommends:

How did it do? Explore Every Noise yourself and tell us your pick for 608’s top genres.