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Madison “hacks”

Check out these 608 life hacks from the Madison subreddit.

view of WI capitol from State Street

What are your best Madison “hacks”? Let us know.

Local “hacks” are taking Reddit by storm this week. Join us in checking out what the Madison subreddit has to say.

1. Get a copy of the UW football schedule even if you don’t care about football. You don’t want to go downtown on a home game day if you don’t have to. — u/T1MCC | Bookmark this page for the schedule of all UW teams.

2. The Report a Problem system. It’s crazy effective and easy. — u/MadAss4 | The squeaky wheel gets the oil — check out this resource for yourself.

3. If you’d like to get your daily steps in comfort in the winter time, Epic Systems opens their campus buildings to us lowly locals from 2:30-5 p.m. on weekdays and 10 a.m.-3 p.m. on weekends. — u/mad_jer | We highly recommend checking out Epic’s theme park-esque campus.

4. Madison public golf courses offer tee times at reduced rates during Badgers/Packers games. — u/LeSuperNova | Learn more about Madison’s golf scene here.

5. The trigger for the left turn arrow from East Washington to Milwaukee Street is a car length back from the crosswalk. — u/pluripotense | This is a great tip for any fellow Woodman’s shoppers.

6. My friend Daryl. If there was anyone you could call a hack, it’s that guy. What a jerk. — u/Due_Swimmer_711 | Daryl, our inbox is always open if you’re looking for new friends.

7. They can’t stop you from drinking beer at the parks if it’s not in glass bottles. — u/neko | This is partially true. Many of Madison’s parks allow alcohol, but none allow glass.

This is fun. Let us know what your best Madison life hacks are.

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