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How to apply for an art grant in Madison

Applications are now open for this year’s MAC grants.


There’s potential around every corner in Madison. What types of projects would you like to see?

Photo by Chris Collins

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The City of Madison is accepting applications for 2023 art grants. The Madison Arts Commission (MAC) is calling for local artists and organizations to submit grant applications by Wednesday, March 15 to fund local projects that will “enrich the cultural landscape” of the 608.

Types of grants

Project | $1,000 - $5,000 | These grants support the production projects like art installations, workshops, and performances.

Individual Fellowship | $1,000-$2,000 | Local artists of all mediums can apply for this grant to help fund their work, especially work that the public will have access to.

Legacy | $1,500 | Organizations that have received an MAC grant in at least three of the last six years have the opportunity to receive additional funding to further support their community involvement.


Applicants are eligible if...

  • they are a tax-exempt non-profit
  • they are residents of the City of Madison
  • their project fosters community involvement during the creative process

Applicants are not eligible if...

  • their proposed project is already receiving funding from other City
  • they are an elementary, secondary, or post-secondary school (unless the project will affect Madisonians beyond just the students enrolled at the post-secondary school)
  • the project does not occur within City limits

Get involved

  1. Decide which grant your project falls under
  2. Review all guidelines
  3. Schedule a 15-minute one-on-one with MAC for grant writing assistance (contact info below)
  4. Email MAC with your intent to apply
  5. Fill out and submit an application before midnight on Wednesday, March 15

Still have questions? Reach out to Karin Wolf and Meri Rose Ekberg at