How to spend your Powerball winnings in Madison

What would you buy if you win the lottery?


What would you do if you became an overnight millionaire?

Photo by Wikimedia Commons

Feeling lucky? The Powerball is up to a whopping $1.5 billion. Grab a ticket today before Saturday’s drawing + you just might walk away with a $745.9 million cash payout.

Here are a few things you could buy with these potential earnings:

🍦 196,289,474 ice cream cones from Babcock Dairy Store
🪑 48,122,580 mini Memorial Union chairs from the gift shop
🍺 48,153,647 12 packs of Spotted Cow
🏠 171 lakefront properties like this home
🍕 77,536,382 pizzas from Falbo Bros
🥾 5,327,857 pairs of hiking boots from Hive
🎓 17,391 tuitions for UW-Madison students
🥪 67,809,090 eggplant parms from Casetta
🌹 11,475,384 bouquets of roses from Chloe’s Floral

Of course, you could always just invest responsibly, but what fun is that?
Let us know how you would spend the money.

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