Who invented Lincoln Logs? You might be suprised to know.

The son of the man who designed Monona Terrace was a toy man.

Lincoln Logs toy.jpeg

Lincoln Logs were invented sometime around 1916. | Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Frank Lloyd Wright wasn’t the only architect in the family. His second son, John Lloyd Wright, also created something (but on a much smaller scale than, say, Monona Terrace).

He invented Lincoln Logs. Yes, that’s right, the famous toy that’s now part of the National Toy Hall of Fame.

They were invented sometime around 1916-1917 when John was working in Japan with his father on the famous Imperial Hotel. The foundation of the building was designed with interlocking log beams, which gave John an idea.

He started a toy company, got a patent for a “Toy-Cabin Construction,” and started producing Lincoln Logs.

Now owned by Hasbro, you might be able to find them at big box retailers or these local independent shops:

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