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Dane County history buffs can submit new historical marker nominations

Historical markers are physical indications (often signs or plaques) that commemorate a significant place or event.

608 greenbush

The Greenbush neighborhood’s historical marker. | Photo via Historical Marker Database

Calling all history buffs. Dane County is looking to its residents to help create new historical markers, especially ones that are significant to historically underrepresented groups.

How it works

Using the online survey, share a place, street, neighborhood, building, business, or cultural event — past or present — that you believe is significant to your community, culture, or history. This could be an event from a century ago or something happening today.

You must be prepared to answer the following questions regarding your marker submission:

  • What group or groups of people is this location important to?
  • What happened at this location?
  • Who was involved in this event?
  • Where did this event take place? Think: Was/is it a specific type of building?

The final decision on which sites get a physical sign will be up to the Dane County Heritage Preservation Commission. Any other sites of significance that don’t get a physical marker, may be added to an interactive online map that will be posted for the public.