Great Escapes: Our Guide to Baton Rouge, LA

Planning a getaway? Check out Baton Rouge, Lousiana. Experience the distinctive Cajun and Creole cultures of this capital city.

State Capitol Park, Baton Rouge

Visit the Capitol Gardens for a break from the big city bustle. | Photo by @evrentrx

One thing we love about Baton Rouge is how much pride the city has in its history. The food, the music, and the people are all a reflection of the rich cultures that make this city so special.

Line dancing at Blues Fest

Dance like everyone is watching at Baton Rouge Blue Fest. | Photo by @brbluesfest

Why go?

beer pint glass

Kids don’t get to have all the fun. Check out Baton Rouge Zoo’s annual Brew at the Zoo event. | Photo by @batonrougezoo

Act like a local

  • Food: Bayou Cafe. The BBQ chicken at this family-owned restaurant is a must-try.
  • Drink: Bengal Tap Room. Great for beer lovers, you can’t go wrong with any of their tap options.
  • Outdoors: Baton Rouge Zoo. Newly-renovated and just 15 minutes from the heart of downtown, this is a great family-friendly excursion.
  • Learn: Louisiana Art and Science Museum. From interactive art and science exhibits to educational workshops, this museum – built in a historic railroad depot – is a wealth of information to those of all ages.
  • Listen: If you like live music, you’ll love Mid City Ballroom. This renovated church now hosts live music performances and the world’s only Komet Amp showroom.
 Watermark hotel bar

Stay, eat, and drink and the Watermark in Baton Rouge. | Photo by @watermarkbr

Where to stay:

  • Vrbo: Going with a group? This charming stay offers four bedrooms + a full kitchen. (~$300/night)*
  • Airbnb: Perfect for a couple’s trip, this guest suite is centrally located and equipped with a kitchenette. (~$72/night)
  • Splurge hotel: Advertised for you to “Revel in the luxury” of this hotel, The Watermark is definitely a splurge. But hey, it’s vacation. (~$200/night)
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