Geocaching in Madison

If you’re looking to add a little excitement to your daily strolls, try this.

608 isthmus

There are plenty of hiding places on the isthmus.

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Did you know that there are over 1,000 geocaches in the Madison area? “City Editor Ally, what is a geocache?” I’m glad you asked, let’s find out.

Geocaching 101

Think of geocaching as a worldwide scavenger hunt. Participants use GPS coordinates to find hidden containers — geocaches — in outdoor public spaces.

These physical caches are usually trinkets and/or logbooks in a small container, hidden in plain sight. Pro tip: Leave your shovel at home — geocaches should never be buried.

How to play:

  1. Search “Geocaching” in your phone’s app store. There are multiple apps to choose from, but we recommend this one.
  2. Find a cache near you — the app will use your location to map out geocaches in your area.
  3. Embark on your journey. Once you get close to the point of interest, refer to the hint provided on the app to locate the hidden geocache (they’re often disguised as rocks, bricks, birdhouses, or other “normal” objects).
  4. After you sleuth out the geocache, you may sign the attached physical log sheet and record your progress in-app.

City rules

City officials encourage locals to get in on the action, as long as participants are abiding by the Madison Parks Ordinances.

Geocaching is prohibited in:

If you want to learn more and chat with local geocachers, check out the Wisconsin Geocaching Association or this “Geocachers in Wisconsin” Facebook group.

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