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Good for the sole: 4 essential running tips from a Sports Medicine Physician

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Training for a race? These running tips will help you go farther. | Photo by @milestamemadness

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Whether training for the Gospel Run in July or just going for a weekly jog in James Madison Park, knowing how to protect your body from injury is as important as increasing your performance. 👟

Here to help you learn how to do both is SSM Health Sports Medicine physician Emily Porter, MD, who has four essential running tips that will help you kill it on the trail:

Gradually increase your running distance until you reach your goals

If you’re training for a race, gradually increasing your distance builds strength + prepares your body to go the distance. For a training boost, there are many online programs, but Dr. Porter’s personal go-to is Hal Higdon.

Wear the right shoes

Work with a knowledgeable salesperson at a local running store to find the best shoe specific to your foot — and keep in mind that running shoes should be replaced every six months or 300-500 miles.

Add exercises like hip bridges and clamshells to your workouts

Pro tip: A quick search on YouTube will show you how. Make these exercises a regular part of your routine to increase your running performance by strengthening your gluteal stabilizers (read: butt muscles).

Be on the lookout for overuse injuries

Mild aches and pains are common in runners, especially when increasing endurance, but severe pain, or pain that continues even with decreased activity, may mean it’s time to visit a Sports Medicine Physician for evaluation.

For more advice on getting the most out of your running — or to explore an injury diagnosis or physical therapy options — schedule an appointment with an SSM Health Sports Medicine specialist.

Remember to listen to your body + enjoy the trail ahead. Happy running, 608.*

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