Play this “Top Chef” viewing game while watching the upcoming Wisconsin-based season

Season 21 of “Top Chef” airs this week and is set in both Madison and Milwaukee. We put together a viewing game for you to play while watching.

"Top Chef" bingo board

Try for a bingo, or take a drink every time one of the options occurs. | Graphic by 608today

Season 21 of “Top Chef” airs this Wednesday, March 20 at 8 p.m. on Bravo. The season is Wisconsin-centric and was primarily filmed in Madison and Milwaukee. Need to brush up on the show’s premise before the premiere? We got you covered.

In anticipation of the season premiere, we created a viewing game to play while watching the show. It includes a variety of situations that may occur during episodes. See: the bingo board pictured above.


Bingo is pretty straightforward. To spice up (pun intended) the game, we suggest coming up with your own scenario to use in place of the free space.

Drinking game

There’s a good chance that some of these options will occur more than once. Practice your kitchen skills by whipping up a mocktail or cocktail, and then drink every time an option from the board happens.

Pro tip: Turn up the heat (pun intended again) by combining both games and finishing your drink when you get a bingo.

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