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Hungry? Take on these food challenges in Madison

Stock up on Pepto Bismol. Inspired by some Wisconsinites’ food-related Guinness World records, we’ve rounded up a few food challenges on the isthmus that you can attempt for prizes (and bragging rights).

608 big sur burrito

Could you eat a three-pound burrito? | Photo by Big Sur Cantina

ICYMI, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel recently rounded up a few food-related Guinness World Records set by Wisconsinites including:

  • Largest bowl of cereal made — 9,000 pounds of Cocoa Puffs (Milwaukee)
  • Fastest gravy drinking — 1 liter in 12 seconds (Wausau)
  • Most Big Macs eaten — 33,400 in 50+ years (Fond du Lac)

While we won’t encourage our readers to drink a liter of gravy, here are a few Madison-area food challenges you can take a crack at:

Strings Ramen | Monster Hell Ramen

  • Challenge: A bowl of Strings’ spiciest Ghost and Scorpion pepper ramen in 20 minutes
  • Prize: $50 gift certificate, T-shirt, and your ramen is free

Red Rock | The Unforgiven

  • Challenge: Two half-pound bacon cheeseburgers, six ghost pepper wings, a fried chicken breast, and a basket of fries in 23 minutes
  • Prize: Hat, T-shirt, and wall of fame placement

Big Sur Cantina | Big Sur Burrito

  • Challenge: Three-pound burrito in 12 minutes
  • Prize: T-shirt, wall of fame placement, and your burrito is free
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