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Madison-area cheeses are making the cut

Several Wisconsin cheeses have been voted 2023’s best cheeses in the world.

Two women at Landmark Creamery smile at each other holding wedges of cheese.jpeg

Landmark Creamery, based in Belleville, has one of the best cheeses in the world. | Photo via Landmark Creamery

Wisconsin cheese is whey better than most. In fact, Culture Magazine, a publication dedicated to all things cheese, recently named the world’s best cheeses of 2023. Unsuprisingly, several Wisconsin-based cheeses made the cut.

By the numbers:

  • Wisconsin has over 1 million cows
  • 90% of the state’s milk is made into cheese
  • Wisconsin produces 600 varieties of cheese — 2.8 billion pounds worth
  • 26% of all the nation’s cheese comes from the dairy state

Some grate local cheeses Culture acknowledged:

Hidden Springs Creamery, S1597 Hanson Rd., Westby
The creamery’s wischago, modeled after manchego, is aged six to seven months which gives it a dense texture and bold character.

Landmark Creamery, 6895 Paoli Rd., Belleville
Inspired by Basque-style sheep’s milk cheeses of Spain, its anabasque cheese is washed with brine throughout its maturation to coax out savory flavors.

Uplands Cheese Company, 5023 WI-23, Dodgeville
The company’s Alpine-style, washed-rind Pleasant Ridge Reserve is made only during summer months and is aged between nine and 14 months.

If you can’t make it out to the dairies themselves for your cheese needs, there’s always Fromagination in downtown Madison.