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The brandy old fashioned is Wisconsin’s official state cocktail

Wisconsin State Assembly passed a bipartisan resolution in celebration of this old fashioned variation.

Old fashioned drink

How do you order your old fashioneds? | Photo by 608today

Cheers to this. On Thursday, Nov. 9, the Wisconsin State Assembly passed a bipartisan resolution, making the brandy old fashioned the state’s official cocktail.

The declaration makes the state cocktail somewhat official. Since the Assembly passed a resolution instead of a bill, the cocktail won’t be added to Wisconsin’s list of official state symbols like milk as the state beverage and kringle as the state pastry. To pass a bill, a public hearing and signature from the governor are required.

Ready to celebrate? Make yourself a brandy old fashioned, take a picture of your drink, and share it with us. We may even feature your concoction in an upcoming newsletter.

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