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Etiquette Rules in Madison

Check out our 608 take on this viral New York Magazine article.

rules notesheet

Let us know if you can think of any other 608-centric rules.

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New York Magazine’s “The New Rules” article has taken social media by storm. We found a few rules that may be especially relatable to Madisonians.

No. 14 | Never send an edible arrangement.
Instead, try Felly’s or Choles

No. 1 | You don’t have to read everyone’s book.
These local authors may disagree

No. 11 | When another human is present, don’t talk to your animal in the private voice you use when alone together.
You’ll be free from judgment at Boneyard or any of Madison’s many dog parks

No. 24 | Never answer a compliment with a compliment.
This one seems virtually impossible for us Midwest nice folk

No. 54 | Don’t browbeat anyone into joining a game at a party.
You’re guaranteed to find people to play with at Roll Play

No. 107 | Treat buses like church pews — sit or stand as far in as possible so no one has to climb over you.
Someone needs to get this message relayed to everyone on the 80, STAT

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