Table game groups in Madison, WI

In a world overcome by artificial intelligence and virtual reality, sometimes nothing beats a classic table game. Check out some of these local groups bringing Madisonians together for some friendly competition.

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Roll the dice and raise a glass.

Photo by Brett Myers via Board Games and Beers

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This one’s for those of you who prefer air conditioning and table games over summer heat and organized sports.

Select difficulty:
Casual — No experience, no problem
Intermediate — It’s best to have a general understanding
Advanced — For those who really know their way around the board

Board games

Board Games and Beer | Casual
Join weekly gatherings at local watering holes to play board games, drink beer, and meet new people.

Pegasus Games | Casual-Intermediate
Stop by for open play nights or check the monthly schedule to find a night specifically catered to one of your favorite games.

Roll Play | Casual
This board game cafe is kicking off its Summer Board Game League next Thursday, May 25.

Dungeons and Dragons/Strategy games

Madison Traditional Gaming | Casual-Intermediate
This is a group for people interested in a wide variety of role-playing games (Think: Classic Traveller, Pendragon, Labyrinth Lord, Torchbearer).

Noble Knight | Intermediate-Advanced
This castle-themed gaming hall is sure to have something for everyone from special events and contests to demos and unboxings.

Madison DnD Adventurers League | Advanced
Create a character and bring that character to games anywhere D&D Adventurers League is played. Note: This league uses 5th edition DnD rules + the Forgotten Realms setting.

Card games

Euchre Night | Intermediate
Stop by Starkweather Brewing Co. on the second Tuesday of every month for some friendly competition.

Who’s New in Madison | Casual
Local ladies are welcome to join this social group to participate in card game groups, Mah Jongg, and more.

Table games not your thing? Find a crew that’s right for you.

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