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Our readers’ favorite public bathrooms in Madison


Next time you’re at Imaginary Factory, check out the loo. | Photo by Places I’d Poop Madison

We recently showed off some of Madison’s best public bathrooms with the help of a local legend. This story garnered a lot of reader feedback, so we’ve compiled a reader’s choice list of Madison public bathrooms.

Nancy Nichols Hall, 1300 Linden Dr., Madison
“First floor. British police boxes for stalls, and bird sounds in the background.” We received this suggestion multiple times.

Genna’s, 105 W. Main St., Madison

Madison Chocolate Company, 5521 Odana Rd., Madison
“[This] Location is downright beautiful and dreamy.”

Monona Terrace, 1 John Nolen Dr., Madison

Instagram submissions

Sequoia, 1843 Monroe St., Madison
”... a beautiful restroom originally created when their location was the Irish pub, Brocach.” - @OrangeTreeImports

Toot and Kate’s, 109 S. Main St., Verona
“You’re missing one. We have picture frame wallpaper + a zillion pics, you never feel alone.” - @tootandkates

Nitro Lounge, 502 W. Washington Ave., Madison
“How is [Nitro] not on here???? Prettiest bathroom I’ve ever used.” - @mingo3916

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